Pedestal Fan

AED150 AED75 / day


Description:26 inches (650mm), stand industrial fan
Electrical para:220-240VAC / 100-120VAC 50/60Hz 165-230W adjustable
Fan parameter:3 speeds from 1080 to 1420, 7500-9750cbm/h, 57-70 dB


Description:36 inches (850mm), stand industrial fan
Electrical para:220-240VAC / 100-120VAC 50/60Hz 350-400W adjustable
Fan parameter:3 speeds from 1080 to 1420, 11500-14800cbm/h, 68-79 dB

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Pedestal fans are generally adjustable in height and can be useful when you want the air to be directed at a height above the floor or in a certain place in the room, for example, to blow directly onto the floor surface,in bed, or inclined to the ceiling for an indirect breeze. Pedestal fans are based on a long stand that can reach much larger areas than a box fan placed on the floor or on the table. You do not need a desk or shelf to accommodate these great admirers. If you plan to use a fan in a large room or office and you are not concerned about the appearance or the enclosed spaces, a pedestal fan is a good option. These fans also have much more power than tower or table fans, providing about four times the radius of cooling for the price of a tower blower. If you are in a large, hot area, the pedestal fan is the right choice. These fans will circulate the air but will do nothing to improve the air quality in the cooled area if this is a secondary objective of fan performance. In addition, the high power blades of a pedestal fan may in some cases have a minor safety problem.

Pedestal fans are a good substitute for ceiling fans and are perfect for use in homes where space can be a problem. In addition to keeping a cold room, these fans are also very suitable for monsoon or cold winter when you have a load of wet clothes you want to dry out. And, unlike ceiling fans, these fans can be installed to remove the air in a certain direction, which is very convenient. Most fans come with more speed settings, which allows you to configure and adjust them to suit your needs. High-quality fans come with the silent operation; therefore you do not have to worry about being disturbed by a continuous pocket when you use them. Pedestrian wheeled fans offer extra mobility. To find the best pedestal fan in Dubai, you can connect online. Explore the prices and comments of your favorite model to make a smart purchase today!