Outdoor Mushroom Gas Heater

AED200 / day


• Max-13kW / 41000 BTU’s, Mushroom Shape Outdoor Patio heater
• Piezo ignition system
• Automatic shut off tilt valve, Large diameter hood for large heat dispersion
• Gas type: Propane, butane or mixture (LPG)
• Total heat coverage is approx. 132 sqft area (78″ radius)
• Product Height 225cm
• Weight: 17.0KG
• Heater Body: Powder Coated

Clear dates



Outdoor Mushroom Gas Heater are ineffective because a considerable amount of heat is lost through the top of the metal cap of the reflector. The average heater is 9 to 17 square meters and will stay at the radiator to feel comfortable. It takes up to two minutes to start the heat. Upscale heater mushrooms are heavy and extremely difficult to move, while cheaper options are too light and unstable, which can create security problems. Mushroom-style gas heaters are generally available with a 3-month warranty for commercial use.

Due to the shape of mushroom heaters, they can be covered with strong winds. Therefore, a heavy basis is imperative. This, however, decreases the heater’s mobility and transport. This can be solved by having a base with a tank system that can be easily filled with water or sand, creating a low weight at the base, heavy and stable for a secure investment and improved stability. And then empty it if necessary.

An alternative, common solution for natural gas heating is to have accessories on the ground.

Piezo ignition

With an electric ignition system, you can activate a propane or natural gas heater at the touch of a button.

Automatic Shutoff

It switches off automatically if a pilot goes out or detects low oxygen levels.

Tilt-Over Protection

Closing the closing valve that automatically turns off the heater if it is hit.

Cool-Touch Fire Glass

The clean glass cup covers the burner and adds a touch of elegance. Being cold to the touch prevents him from burning.