Outdoor Gas Pyramid Heater

AED250 / day

Specification :

Heat Output: Max-13kW / 40,000 BTU Gas Pyramid Heater with Glass tube
Gas type: Propane, butane or mixture (LPG)
Gas Consumption: Max-870g/h
Height: 230cm
Weight: 27.5 Kg
Electronic ignition system
Aluminum alloy frame
Stainless Steel base
4pcs Mesh Guards
Safety Auto-Tilt shut off system
Stainless Steel 304 fire screen
Including hose, wheel and regulator
Heater Body: SS201
Fire Screen: SS304

Clear dates



Each Pyramid Heaters uses LPG, butane or propane as a source of fuel, and most have a height of between 2.1 m and 2.3 m. The 13 kW heater provides heat to users in an area of ​​10-15 m 2 over time which table pyramids offer a heating up to 5 m 2. Recommendation to buy a stainless steel version of these pyramidal heaters more rust resistant and longer time against elements than powdered stainless steel compounds. Expert suggestions pay special attention to the size of reflectors, as this will greatly increase the heat distribution offered.

This robust heating is ideal for any patio or terrace and adds a beautiful aesthetic element to any outdoor space. Built-in LEDs 12 offer four basic colors (white, blue, green and red) and have four configurations (flash, strobe, blur and soft).

The 13 kW heater will have no trouble keeping your customers or warm companions on cold nights, and stainless steel provides protection against weather and rust, although we recommend buying a blanket to keep them warm.

It has a variable heating capacity of up to 13 kW and comes with a cylindrical reinforced Plexiglas tube and wheels for easy movement. Like all other pyramid heaters, the patio heater will have to go alone, but that should not take more than 30-60 minutes for someone who likes to plan together.

Advanced features and safety features include flame retardant, cylinder glass, electronic ignition, anti-tilt switches and dust grilles. Dimensions: 220 cm (H) x 53 cm (W) x 53 cm (D) with reflector 53 x 53 cm for optimal heat distribution – supplied with hose and LP regulator.


  • Available type of Tube – Quartz (QTSS01) or Glass (GTSS01)
  • Available type: 4 sides & 3 sides