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Summer came and we start looking for different ways to stay cool and safe from the scorching heat. The first thing we think is to use an air cooler to keep us comfortable during the day and night Air cooler runs air through water, reducing the temperature through evaporative cooling, it throws out humid air. It is a process of reducing the temperature of the air by dissipating heat. It increased the airflow and reduced the temperatures through the use of cooling fans, fins or fin coils that remove heat from a housing. Air cooler works efficiently in indoor with the help of air conditioners because ac sucks the humid air so that air cooler passes the cool air.  Without an air conditioner, it is mainly used in outdoor. They are easy to install and economical too. It has a large water tank which able you to relax and cool the ambiance for a longer period of time without worrying about frequent refilling. Air coolers use water evaporation to cool outside air. … This cooling process has the potential to reduce the outdoor air temperature to 30 degrees with low humidity, but with high humidity air coolers, it will not work as well. The use of an air cooler is maintained to cool in the summer with the water flowing through your windows with the internal engine that supplies all windows through the small chiller pipes and the fan that is designed as an exhaust fan, which draws air from its environment and when the air passes through cooler windows, the air cools down or the air temperature decreases and we blow the air so the room temperature decreases and we feel very comfortable This technique involves a greater flow of air on the target that needs to be cooled or increasing the surface of the object to help shed heat . You can choose to enter an air-conditioned room when you equip your home with the appropriate air cooler.