Misting Fan – 26

AED750 AED350

Specifications :

Voltage : 220-240V
Power : 230 watt
Fan Size : 26 Inch
Water tank capacity : 42 L
Spray Distance : 6-8 m
Full Tank Water Consumer : 5-7 L/h
Height : 1.7-2m adjustable
Continuance Misting : 8 hours
Coverage Distance : 8 Meter
Reduce Temperature : 4°C-8°C



Nowadays, advanced Misting Systems or Disc Misting Fan offers a variety of water misting fan, wall mist fan, outdoor misting fan, disc misting fan, cooling mist fan, cooling missing fan, mist fan cooler, misting fan, industrial mist fan, mist water fan and misting pedestal fan.

This cooling mist fan system can be installed at any outdoor place where air conditioning system cannot be installed because of certain reasons, so try our water misting fan in Dubai, wall mist fan, outdoor misting fan, disc misting fan, cooling mist fan, cooling missing fan, mist fan cooler, misting fan, industrial mist fan, mist water fan and misting pedestal fan can be ceiling, wall mount and pedestal facilities to make your area cool to reducing temperature,

Choosing of the right amount of the outdoor misting fan either for your work, then your area can give you an extraordinary chill and humidity free environment. This can be commercial, industrial and personal basis This is a unique Wall Mist Fan system with the unique type of fans via a fine sprayer of mist over its operational zone, to adjust Cooling Misting Fan level under your control. Even in cold weather you can only use Misting Fans as simple without turning on misting sprayed part Normally Industrial Mist Fan, Cooling Misting Fan, Cooling Mist Fan, comes with 3-speed motor along with 90-degree oscillation Industrial Mist Fan or mist fan cooler must have updated the operating system, i.e wall mount fan, powerful machine, ULV, and pump.

The function of Industrial Mist Fan or mist fan cooler or Misting Fans are very simple, Install low-pressure Cooling Misting Fan System to the place which needs to be chill with a pressure of PSI misting sprayer during in hot summer days. This system is suitable for pools, alfresco cafes, restaurants/beer gardens, childcare, playgrounds, and schools.

Mist Water Fan tend to blow hot air which adds to the misery. Cooling Misting Fan, or Cooling Mist Fan or Misting Fans System create and circulate a large volume of cool air to reduce outside temperature. As per the average calculation, by using a misting system, people can enjoy refreshingly cool air during in hot season (Up to 25 degrees cooler!)

Normally Cooling Misting Fan or Cooling Mist Fan or Misting Fans systems provide, reduction in temperature, airborne, dust suppression and type of air filtration because with the help of powerful Cooling Misting Fan or Misting Pedestal Fan system billions of tiny water droplets work for evaporation or Misting Fans system, then water becomes vapor. The pressure of pump change the water into gas and gas comes in the shape of tinny water droplets, once you feel those billions of water on your face, you feel comfortable in a hot season. This Cooling Fan system or Misting Pedestal Fan is also useful in special events, exhibitions, garden area parties, amusement park, water park and sports events. The question is to keep the focus on the right humidity level

In this modern era, Cooling Fan or water misting fan is well known as the effective and most efficient way to cooldown open and outdoor areas, such as, poolside, parking, garden area, school, sports event, playing ground. There must be enough knowledge that which pressure of PSI you are looking for a cooling fan system delivers water under different pressure i.e low, medium, or high to its special nozzles that atomize the water into very small particles/ Tinny water droplet, for better evaporative and cooling purpose, we should know that the higher the pressure (up to 1000 psi) can give you result of smaller the particle size, which means better cooling fan performance. Contact us to get more information on water misting fan.