Free Stand Air Conditioner

AED1,000 AED750 / day

Free Stand Air Conditioner (5 tons)

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Floor stand air conditioners adapted to the type of space, such as offices, houses, warehouses, when it is necessary to keep the walls or ceilings bare or simply there is no place to fix the internal unit. The stand is just one of the best solutions. The wide range of capabilities allows us to cool large spaces with a smaller amount, which reduces installation costs, portable AC, without having to mount them on the ceiling or on the walls. The need to use the alternating current for the ground when it is necessary to cool is the large area (up to 100 square meters) with high ceilings (up to 4 meters). The reason is that in these areas, as a rule, there is no built-in ceiling where you can place the independent air conditioning units or simply hang on the wall. In this case, a ground-based air conditioning system is ideal for energy and power consumption, size and price. The liquid passes through the evaporator coils and the pressure drops rapidly. This process converts the liquid into gas and cools it down even faster. This reaction gives the substance the term “coolant” because this reaction allows the hot air to cool down and to be sent to other parts of the house.

The cooled gas then returns to the compressor to restart the process. The warm air in the house passes through the coil of the evaporator and cools down when a blower pushes it into the room. This air is constantly cooled, replaced with the hottest room air, until the reaction inside the air conditioner cools the room temperature to a predetermined value in the appliance. Another feature of a free stand air conditioner is a hose. This duct evacuates hot air and condensation outdoors. An air conditioner must have a way to do it. Fix the pipe in a slightly open window (plastic seal to ensure that it maintains the proper cooling area) so that the free stand air conditioning works properly. This unit also comes with a dehumidification adjustment. At the rear, there is a filter in which the air is sucked in and a port into which the exhaust duct is to be connected: a large and thick tube that must be passed to the window and this ac is supplied with a piece of plastic which fits into your window. There is a hole in which the drain pipe is blocked, by using non-hose air conditioners that will return the hot air into the room and cancel the cooling purpose. Once it is put into operation and closes the window on the plastic piece, you can start the machine; the cold air starts to explode from the front and blows the hot discharge through the pipe towards outward.