Air Cooler BM10000 Premium

BM1000 Premium is portable air cooler which is available for rent in Dubai and across UAE. It is ideal for any outdoor event during the hot season, and it also can be used indoor as support for the existing AC system. This premium cooler works by adding water and Ice to the building 100 litter water tank and it can be connected to a normal wall socket.

AED 2000
Qty :

Voltage/frequency: 220-240V/50~60HZ
Power: 360 watt
Airflow: 10000 m3/h
Water Tank Capacity: 100 L
Water Consumption : 6-8 L/h
Dimensions: 1300x865x518 mm
Net Weight: 33 Kg
Cooling Area: 30 to 40 m2

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