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  • Free Stand Air Conditioner

    AED1,000 AED750 / day

    Free Stand Air Conditioner (5 tons)

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  • XC – 23000

    AED400 AED250 / day

    Max Air flow:23000m3/h
    Voltage: 220-240V
    Frequency: 50Hz
    Input Power: 1100w
    Overall size: 1120 x 720 x 1750 mm
    Fan Type: Axial
    Fan speed: 3 speeds
    Water tank capacity: 126L
    Water consumption: 15-20L/h
    Net Weight: 68 Kg
    Swing: Auto function, left to right

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  • Misting Fan

    AED200 AED100 / day

    Specifications :

    Voltage : 220-240V
    Power : 230 watt
    Fan Size : 26 Inch
    Water tank capacity : 42 L
    Spray Distance : 6-8 m
    Full Tank Water Consumer : 5-7 L/h
    Height : 1.7-2m adjustable
    Continuance Misting : 8 hours
    Coverage Distance : 8 Meter
    Reduce Temperature : 4°C-8°C

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  • Pedestal Fan

    AED150 AED75 / day

    MODEL: XC26N

    Description:26 inches (650mm), stand industrial fan
    Electrical para:220-240VAC / 100-120VAC 50/60Hz 165-230W adjustable
    Fan parameter:3 speeds from 1080 to 1420, 7500-9750cbm/h, 57-70 dB

    MODEL : XC36N

    Description:36 inches (850mm), stand industrial fan
    Electrical para:220-240VAC / 100-120VAC 50/60Hz 350-400W adjustable
    Fan parameter:3 speeds from 1080 to 1420, 11500-14800cbm/h, 68-79 dB

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  • Portable AC (1 Ton)

    AED300 AED200 / day

    Rated Voltage: 220-240V
    Rated Frequency: 50Hz
    Rated Cooling Capacity: 12000 BTU/h = 1 Ton
    Cooling Power Input: 1458W
    Cooling current Input: 6.40A
    Indoor Distance air-flow: ≥480m3/h
    Rated Power Input: 1550W
    Rated Current Input: 7.75A
    Refrigerant: R22/560g
    Noise: ≤ 58dB(A)
    Net Weight: 42kg
    Ideal for:
    • Cooling of small tents, recommended tent size is: 3 X 3 (For bigger tents size we recommend to use the 5 tone free stand A/C)
    • Cooling of small rooms and small offices, recommended room size: (3 X 3) , (3 X 4) , (4 X 4)

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  • Outdoor Mushroom Gas Heater

    AED200 / day


    • Max-13kW / 41000 BTU’s, Mushroom Shape Outdoor Patio heater
    • Piezo ignition system
    • Automatic shut off tilt valve, Large diameter hood for large heat dispersion
    • Gas type: Propane, butane or mixture (LPG)
    • Total heat coverage is approx. 132 sqft area (78″ radius)
    • Product Height 225cm
    • Weight: 17.0KG
    • Heater Body: Powder Coated

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  • Outdoor Gas Pyramid Heater

    AED250 / day

    Specification :

    Heat Output: Max-13kW / 40,000 BTU Gas Pyramid Heater with Glass tube
    Gas type: Propane, butane or mixture (LPG)
    Gas Consumption: Max-870g/h
    Height: 230cm
    Weight: 27.5 Kg
    Electronic ignition system
    Aluminum alloy frame
    Stainless Steel base
    4pcs Mesh Guards
    Safety Auto-Tilt shut off system
    Stainless Steel 304 fire screen
    Including hose, wheel and regulator
    Heater Body: SS201
    Fire Screen: SS304

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