Misting Fans

This portable misting fan are very effective when it comes to drop the hot temperature and to get the most of the chilling air. It combines the cooling effect of high velocity air with a cool misting fog which gives the feeling of cool air when placed near you. The misting fan creates cooling by air movement and the dispensing of refreshing cooling mist over a large area. This misting fan includes a large water tank which contains a separate fan and pump controls.

These misting fan works on the basis of water. You just need to fill in the water in the water tanks before placing it on to the location and when turned on the misting fan will pump the water up and headed slowly towards the fans. This reserved water will last for many hours to keep your event cooled for the entire day. When the water tank gets insufficient or low water you can just simply open the tank and can refill it easily.

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor these misting fans will keep your event, marriages, backyard, and garden area cool and refreshed. Misting fan blows a constant stream of air and mist when turned on. The misting fans can cool an area out to 20 or 30 feet. That means this is a handy tool to be around. The maximum cooling area for a single misting fan is about 1000 square feet.

Areas where these Misting fans can be applied.

• Garden Areas.
• Hospitals.
• Commercial Sites.
• Corporate events.
• Backyards.
• Marriages.
• Ceremonies.
• Roof tops.

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