Electrical Heater

Electrical Heaters

Electric heaters are a handy tool when it comes to warmth in winter season. These heaters can be used anywhere you want to keep you and your loved one warm. When you are near these heaters they provided you the warm radiations which keeps the area temperature in control. Electric heaters are considered as the safest and the most reliable and efficient heating systems. With the new technology these systems can be run on auto mode which means you don’t have to shut them off or on when needed, these systems automatically detects the temperature and are auto hibernated when needed.

You can also control the temperature by the means of a remote controller. Electrical heaters are a great source of warmth for temporary heating solutions. It is used in commercial as well as industrial buildings or constructions sites. These smart units can serve from small to large areas depending on the capacity and efficiency of the unit.

We also offer indirect fired heaters and direct fired heaters. Take a look at our portable heater store.

We offer various units that operate on 208V to 480V. You can choose and electrical heater according to your requirements and needs. You can also consult us if you don’t have any idea regarding the heating solutions and our experts can assist you. We can deliver electric heaters directly to your location on rental basis and can will do all the installing part. In addition to electric heater rentals, below is the variety that is available with us.

Our electric heaters include:

  • Commercial Space Heaters
  • Industrial Space Heaters
  • Salamander Heaters
  • Fostoria Heaters
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