Air Coolers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Are you looking for cooling solution for outdoor party or event, we are here to serve you, we have good proposal for your outdoor party and event, we are specialized and well known in cooling industry as evaporative air cooler system or cooling solution for outdoors Cooling solution for an outdoor party is now at your doorstep, call us and get the best advise, for making your event as comfortable during in hot time of the day.

Its all about your feeling, as you take an outside shower in hot weather nearby swimming pool area, you will feel chill before step in to a swimming pool as your body has already been taken an evaporative cooling system action of water, so once you will enter in a swinging pool, your body can be adjusted with outside temperature easily. Evaporative Cooling system, evaporative air cooler machine, desert cooler, AC Cooler, outdoor cooling units, outdoor air coolers or industrial desert cooler, cooler fan is based on usage of a powerful fan which through air by using its power, at the same time a motor passes over water to a cooling pad then water moisture convert hot air to cold air which circulate in the area and reduces in the existing temperature till 4 to 6 degree below then actual recorded temperature.

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