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XTREME COOL has been an innovative and leading source of cooling and heating solutions over a decade. Established in 2010, we are the premier suppliers of Outdoor AC, Misting Fans, Patio Heaters, Outdoor Evaporative Coolers, Spot Air Conditioning in Dubai and rest of the Middle East. We are reputable air-conditioning and heating contractors that specialize both in the installation and maintenance of large residential, commercial and industrial-scale projects.

Whether you need assistance with outdoor heating, outdoor cooling solutions, data center cooling, air-conditioning or refrigeration, XTREME COOL boast a seasoned team of industry-leading experts. We have been operating for more than 7 years with our directors possessing in excess of 60 years combined industry experience.

About Us

About Us

In a mind of a customer, this question is always raising:  prices for hire of an outdoor fan? We don’t think about price only but quality service and satisfactory output so you must contact us if you want to get good service with a cheap price of an outdoor fan, portable industrial fan in Dubai or outdoor cooling unite or outdoor cooling fan you just name it.

Industrial cooler fan or like some people call it industrial air cooler is the best choice for the warehouses, carriages, and factories, it is a simple way to get rid of extreme weather and hot humid feeling, light in weight, easy to move, portable and high in performance, an economical product with warranty, simple procedure of evaporative feeling.

To feel comfort while extreme humidity level is there, to feel comfort level, industrial cooler fan, outdoor fan, industrial cooling fan, outdoor air cooler, outdoor air cooling units, water air cooler, indoor cooler, best evaporate air cooler, outdoor cooler, floor standing outdoor cooler, portable evaporative coolers, or water cooling fan are available with us, in UAE for providing you comfort level.

If you are looking for an outdoor fan, outdoor air cooling units, water air cooler, outdoor cooler, portable evaporative coolers, portable industrial fan in Dubai lets contact with us, we are just a call, email and text away from you. We have a good suggestion for making your outdoor event comfortable by using our indoor cooler or best evaporative air cooler or floor standing outdoor cooler, our specialty is to provide you peace of mind with our specialty of outdoor fan.

For making your garages, workshop, service center, and staff accommodations as a living place in the hot season. We can give your best quality industrial cooler fan, industrial cooling fan, industrial air cooler, spray cooling fan, water cooling fan or floor standing outdoor cooler, you have to just text us your requirement and we will be much happy to serve you professionally

People of UAE are using  indoor cooler, best evaporative air cooler, outdoor fan  outdoor air cooling units, water air cooler, outdoor cooler,  portable evaporative coolers, portable industrial fan in Dubai, industrial cooler fan,  industrial cooling fan,  industrial air cooler, spray cooling fan, water cooling fan or floor standing outdoor cooler,  all these are with us, please send your requirement and get a comprehensive offer.

Industrial cooler fan, industrial cooling fan, industrial air cooler, spray cooling fan or water cooling fan is cheaper than air conditioner system in the view of cost, electricity consumption and noise, very simple and quite easy to operate, we have a large number of portable indoor ac and floor standing outdoor cooler, there is our best seller brand. We serve you on the basis of our quality products.

For the requirement of portable indoor AC, we are ready to provide you best option, 1 ton and 2 tons portable indoor AC are available, less in consumption of electrical power air flow and chill is same like other AC


XTREME COOL operates on the principals of client loyalty and service excellence.

We are committed to providing quality cooling system products, outstanding customer service, industry expertise and expert installation for virtually every facet of your commercial or residential cooling and heating needs.


Our goal is to continue delivering the most innovative cooling system solution available and at the greatest value to our customers.

Our business plan is built on a foundation of maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry by manufacturing high-quality equipment and providing world-class customer service.

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